It feels like two centuries have passed since I have done a post… sadness. Well today there isn’t much posting about fashion and style going on. Just wanted to give an update on what has been happening. If you know (or don’t) I am in school earning my bachelors degree in Fashion Management. That being said, I have been soooo busy with projects and exams. I have also had some family things going on and I am working a lot, which left me with no time for posting 😦 I know, excuses excuses.

I promise that next week I will do a full outfit post, because I hate not being able to post at least twice a week about trends and what I have been wearing. I have been keeping my Instagram up with daily posts which I hope inspire you all! So make sure to check it out @hungry4style_

I have a few ideas of blog posts to start writing, let me know in the comments what you would like to see 🙂



Current Obsession 2

At first, I was so skeptic of these sweaters and thought they were ‘ugly’. This season, I have a new found love for them. They are SO comfy and can literally go with anything in your wardrobe. I’m glad they are back this Fall/Winter season so I can give them a second chance. I bought one at H&M  over the weekend and I want to wear it everyday. Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to do that.

I have been seeing these sweaters pop up everywhere, H&M had a great price of $19.95 on the one I bought. I wasn’t able to take any pics of how I styled mine but there will FOR SURE be a post in the future featuring it, so subscribe to be the first to see new posts!

A couple ways to style them are: layered over top a flannel/button down, under your fav leather jacket, tucked into distressed denim or  with that A-line skirt you have been dying to wear. The possibilities are endless since these sweaters come in so many different styles, shapes and colours.






Take a peak at my Instagram @hungry4style_ to see a pic of my own fuzzy sweater!!

**All pics were taken from Pinterest