BEST LIP PRODUCTS (for chapped lips)

Today’s round up is of the best lip products for chapped lips. I feel like there must be a lot of people out there who have chronically chapped lips like me. No matter what the season, the damn mofos always are crackly… no thanks. I heard a hilarious quote from @LustreLux (aka @katy) where she calls her lips ‘crinkly cut’ when they look chapped with lipstick on, I died, that is me!!!!

Having chapped lips means that lip balms are my numba 1, I have 2 purse lip balms, a night table lip balm, a car lip balm, a shelf lip balm. Easy access to lip balms is v important to me.

my purse lip balms 🙂 however the Fresh balm has retired to my shelf now

I have found that Bite Beauty is THE BEST for me, I have the Agave Lip Mask on my night stand which I put on every night before bed and also just whenever I feel like it. And the Everyday Agave Lip is in my purse for you guessed it, everyday. These are my two must haves, at all times because they provide instant moisture and it lasts.


A couple other contenders that I use for other purposes in addition to moisture is the Glossier Lip Gloss, (your lip gloss really be poppin with this) and the Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm (smells as good as it sounds). I love the lip gloss because I don’t really wear lipstick and this makes it look like I put an effort into my lips. The hydration is also very surprising because it really sinks into your lips to get rid of the chapped-ness. If you read my VIB haul you would know that I pretty much just got the Caramel Balm because MannyMUA said it smells amazing, truth!

Lastly, I thought I needed to start wearing at least some colour on my lips so I got the Glossier Generation G in ‘Crush’. Because of chapped lips I don’t really wear lipstick because of the above mentioned ‘crinkly cut’ lips. But this lipstick is more sheer and super hydrating, love it!



Okay, so the semi-annual Sephora VIB sale has come and gone but the time has come to haul and review all the goodies. The Internet is overflowing with videos and posts about the sale so it’s only right I share my grabs. Share below what you just HAD to get!!

OUAI Matte Pomade … So I got bangs and needed a pomade to style them so they aren’t just a chunk of hair covering my forehead. This pomade is nice because its very thick and creates a wispy look while still staying matte.

Philosophy Purity … I will always purchase this during the sale because it’s a restock, BEST MAKEUP REMOVER EVER. Very gentle on the skin and eyes, you need to try this.

Bare Minerals Liquid Lip … I really never wear lipstick but I felt like this was necessary to buy because it’s a nice pinky/nude colour. It takes a while to dry down but I don’t mind, it looks good creamy. Colour is ‘Slay’.

First Aid Beauty Mask … Peel-off masks are very therapeutic and I needed a new one. My skin feels smooth and clean after and you don’t need to put on a thick layer so the bottle lasts longer, holla for the dolla.

Clinique Fresh Pressed … I heard some good reviews on this product for acne scarred skin so I figured I should buy it during the sale. Sooo, this little bottle is only supposed to last for 7 days and you mix it with your moisturizer am and pm. I haven’t noticed a difference really but we shall see, results take time!

Beauty Blender Cleaner … I am a bad reviewer because I actually haven’t tried this product yet but I am just going to assume that it works well because my current method of cleaning my beauty blender is not working well (current method consists of squeezing the baby soap filled sponge until it looks clean).

NARS Primer … I’m waiting to run out of my current primer to start using this, but just by swatching it feels like it will even out skin texture and fill in pores while creating a good base for makeup, stay tuned.

Fresh Lip Balm … This was completely and utterly an impulse buy because I was watching MannyMUA’s snapchat and he said that this was an amazing lip balm and that it smells good so there it is, I’m sold. It legit smells so good, like caramel popcorn mixed with a caramel swirl candle. Has a bit of a shine on the lips but so far so good in the moisturizing dpt. In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t taste like anything 😦


*pics from Pinterest

*products available at Sephora