outfits 9+10 | 15 pieces.. 20 ways

The easiest way to make a lot of outfits from a limited amount of pieces is to layer. Layering is also key when it comes to the cold weather. Speaking of cold weather, dannnnnng, it has been getting colder and colder. I needed to get the outfits with the skirt done because soon enough, everything will be covered by my huge winter parka.

THE 15 PIECES ARE: jacket, cardigan, tank, lace-up shirt, flannel, turtleneck, tee, skirt, joggers, leather leggings, black jeans, baggy/ripped jeans, adidas, boots, purse. The necklace, sunnies and scarf are accessories you can add to any outfit.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 1.42.40 PM

 *disclaimer* not all images above are exact to what I have in my wardrobe, but they are the same style, this collage is for reference only, all images from polyvore *disclaimer*

Outfit 9 had a sort of preppy vibe and I was unsure of wearing a leather jacket with a leather skirt but then I thought “there can never be enough leather” (faux, that is). I like how the plaid goes with the three Adidas stripes, pulls the outfit together. Of course I had to tuck the flannel in and wear socks that show out of my sneakers.


Outfit 10 was super comfy, layering the flannel under the cowl-neck sweater. Layering a button down shirt under a sweater is a cool way to add dimension to an outfit and keep warm. I love the way oversized sweaters look paired with an a-line skirt for Fall.


Jacket: H&M similar | Flannel: Express | Cowl neck sweater: Express similar

Skirt: New Look | Sneakers: Adidas

Series: 15 pieces..20 ways

Are ya’ll ready for this? I’m starting a series of 10 posts, about 15 key pieces to pack while traveling and 20 different outfits you can make from them. I bet you’ve seen the articles on Pinterest of ‘How to pack for 3 months in a carry on’ or ’10 pieces, 20 outfits’. They always intrigue me because I love packing and I love finding new ways to wear the clothes I have. This series will be my spin on these posts.

Let’s get the deets:

  • The most important detail is that this series is a part of my coursework for University in Scotland. I figured since I came here with only two suitcases, and had to pack minimally, it would be a great idea to share the different ways to wear what I packed.
  • The outfits will be for Fall weather (if you live in a colder climate), I’m living in Scotland right now which has similar weather to my home in Canada.
  • Each post will have 2 outfits featured in it (2 outfits x 10 posts=20 outfits… yay!) and the collage of the 15 pieces. I will be talking about why I paired these together and where you can wear them.
  • Accessories, bags and makeup are not included in the 15 key pieces because they are items that do not take up a lot of room in your suitcase and can be worn with every single outfit created

I hope you enjoy this series and are inspired to find new ways to wear your clothes, whether you’re travelling or at home. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!