Oh joggers, the ‘cute sweatpant’. That is really what they are. If you think about it, joggers are meant for running and when you don’t run they are meant for lying around the house. The fashion jogger is just a cute version of sweatpants that are socially acceptable.

I totally forgot that I owned these ones until I was going through my drawer that has the clothes I don’t wear too often. As soon as I saw them I was like ‘Okay Lilly, these look Spring-y and the weather feels Spring-y so lets style them asap!’. I wore them with staples of mine; a black high neck shirt, sneakers and a longline black coat.


Coat: Forever 21 | Shirt: New Look | Joggers: American Eagle | Sneakers: Call It Spring

Styled: Flare Pants

Ahhhhh, flare pants bring some memories of the early 2000’s. I was only a young girl but I know my older sisters definitely rocked those boot cut and flare jeans. They’re back again because of the 70’s trend but now the flare is making it’s way to other types of pants. Being a curious fashion lover, I tried on a lot of flare pants but oh man, they did not suit me. Until now!! I found a great pair that fits me perfectly and doesn’t look like I’m wearing a maxi skirt/pj pants. Not going to lie, I kind of felt like Selena Gomez when she was wearing that silk PJ set around Paris.











Jacket: H&M | Tee: Express | Pants: Zara | Boots: New Look | Sunglasses: Forever 21

Fall to Winter: Transition your Wardrobe

December 1st always marks the beginning of Winter, unofficially. The cold weather does not wait until the 21st. With the cold weather comes some new clothes and some old. I wanted to share five tips on how to transition your wardrobe from Fall to Winter; so you don’t have spend all your money on new Winter clothes (because all our money really goes towards gifts this time of year).

Tip 1: Wear your blanket scarf around your body as a second layer between your top and your coat.

Tip 2: Layer those leggings!!!! Wear leggings underneath your jeans or other pants to keep warm this Winter.

Tip 3: Swap out your leather jacket for a longline wool coat.

Tip 4: Buy a couple of sweaters (knit, oversized, etc) that can be layered with tops already in your wardrobe (collared shirts, long shirts, etc)

Tip 5: If you have separation anxiety from your leather jacket, then just layer it under your Winter coat, that way, when you’re at an event, you can still keep warm and look great.

FALL in an outfit

I feel like I was the most fall one could be in this outfit, minus the fact I wasn’t carrying a pumpkin spiced latte. The colours of my scarcho (scarf+poncho) mixed with the blue denim just felt right. TBH, I don’t wear this scarcho that much because it’s hard to layer over top of a jacket, but if the weather is being nice then it’s definitely wearable. However, I do sometimes wear it as a scarf and bundle it around my neck. Hope you get some inspiration for your fall outfits!

DSC00896 DSC00898 DSC00905

I started out with a braid in my hair because I felt the look was very ‘equestrian’ and then for some pictures I looked like I had a pixie cut so had to let the mane loose. Ya’ll know I love tucking in shirts so adding a belt with my high-waisted jeans added to the ‘equestrian’ vibes. I’m using air quotes because that’s just what I think of but who really knows because I know nothing about horse riding gear. DSC00975 DSC00960 DSC00925 DSC00986 DSC00939

That moment when the rips in your jeans aren’t on your knees….DSC00985 DSC00917

Scarcho: Dynamite | Tee: Express | Belt: Express | Jeans: Topshop | Boots: New Look

Photography: Julia

Sporty Layers

Coming right at you with another outfit post in Scotland. It’s getting a little colder here, so the layers are coming out; beanie, multiple shirts and a heavier jacket. I wanted to make this look sporty/casual and my bomber jacket was the inspiration. Not going to lie, I bought this jacket in Germany right before coming to Scotland because of the plaid lining (I wanted to feel a little bit Scottish before arriving). Instead of wearing workout leggings, I opted for a more stylish option to add some texture to the outfit, this being (faux) leather leggings. DSC00773 DSC00769 DSC00786 DSC00785 DSC00793 DSC00790 If you remember me talking about my favourite oversized tee from Brandy Melville then let me tell you, it’s also the best tee to layer under sweaters or other shirts.  DSC00782 DSC00780 If you hear people say that your shoes tie your outfit together, they are right. This outfit would not have been the same without some Adidas Originals

DSC00778 Beanie: American Apparel | Jacket: Urban Outfitters | Mock neck Top: New Look | Tee: Brandy Melville | Leggings: New Look | Shoes: Adidas


I’ve been in Scotland for about two weeks and I friken love it here. It’s nothing like Toronto, or Canada for that matter. It’s so funny to see and experience all the differences between countries. To name one, no one piles onto the busses, no pushing or shoving (like on the TTC), they make a line and enter the bus in an orderly fashion…..crazy concept!

Onto the good stuff, I finally took some photos!! There are so many spots to take photos because every building looks like a cool castle. Everything is grey which makes for a great aesthetic, which is what it’s all about these days. Went to a park down the street from the residence I’m living in and got some shots. I have to say though, I regret everything I packed and so my outfits are literally just jeans, a tee or sweater and leather jacket. I do go to the shops like everyday, so hopefully I can mix it up once and a while.

DSC00712 DSC00716 DSC00718 DSC00719

OKAY. Legit though, I have been looking for an oversized black tee since birth and guess what? I FINALLY FOUND IT. I never usually look in Brandy Melville because I felt the ‘one size fits all’ wouldn’t fit me. While in Rome, as they say, I went into their store and tried this one on and I didn’t fall in love until I got back to the hotel and tried it on again. The tee is super soft and just flows every which way I wanted it too. It fits a bit tighter on the chest and arms and flows out.

 DSC00709 DSC00708 DSC00707 DSC00706 DSC00705 DSC00704


Jacket: H&M | Tee: Brandy Melville | Jeans: Express | Converse | Quay ‘My Girl’

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One last thing, my friend Julia took these pics and you 100% need to check out her blog, blackchique.