BEST LIP PRODUCTS (for chapped lips)

Today’s round up is of the best lip products for chapped lips. I feel like there must be a lot of people out there who have chronically chapped lips like me. No matter what the season, the damn mofos always are crackly… no thanks. I heard a hilarious quote from @LustreLux (aka @katy) where she calls her lips ‘crinkly cut’ when they look chapped with lipstick on, I died, that is me!!!!

Having chapped lips means that lip balms are my numba 1, I have 2 purse lip balms, a night table lip balm, a car lip balm, a shelf lip balm. Easy access to lip balms is v important to me.

my purse lip balms 🙂 however the Fresh balm has retired to my shelf now

I have found that Bite Beauty is THE BEST for me, I have the Agave Lip Mask on my night stand which I put on every night before bed and also just whenever I feel like it. And the Everyday Agave Lip is in my purse for you guessed it, everyday. These are my two must haves, at all times because they provide instant moisture and it lasts.


A couple other contenders that I use for other purposes in addition to moisture is the Glossier Lip Gloss, (your lip gloss really be poppin with this) and the Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm (smells as good as it sounds). I love the lip gloss because I don’t really wear lipstick and this makes it look like I put an effort into my lips. The hydration is also very surprising because it really sinks into your lips to get rid of the chapped-ness. If you read my VIB haul you would know that I pretty much just got the Caramel Balm because MannyMUA said it smells amazing, truth!

Lastly, I thought I needed to start wearing at least some colour on my lips so I got the Glossier Generation G in ‘Crush’. Because of chapped lips I don’t really wear lipstick because of the above mentioned ‘crinkly cut’ lips. But this lipstick is more sheer and super hydrating, love it!



  1. the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin; in particular, a condition characterized by red pimples on the face, prevalent chiefly among teenagers. 

Today is the day, I’m going to share my acne story with all of you! That exclamation point makes me kind of nervous but also excited to share a part of my life that has sometimes made me feel horrible about myself but also made me strong and beautiful. I have been inspired by the many accounts on Instagram that share their acne story with the world, face first. What brave, strong women and men to share their deepest and darkest insecurity with the world, wow! You know, I have been wanting to write this post for a while but I keep holding off thinking to myself ‘what will people think of my skin? Will they think it’s gross?’. And then I realized that it really doesn’t matter because IT’S JUST SKIN, IT’S NOT ME. I truly hope to inspire those who are also dealing with acne to be brave and to be beautiful and to be strong because a cluster of zits on our chins and cheeks doesn’t define who we are.

So my story started at the beginning of the year in 2015. But let’s back up to my teenage years where you’re typically supposed to get all the pimples, or at least thats what I thought. As a teenager I got the odd pimple, here or there and mostly during my period. I had quite a few small bumps around my face but they never really turned into full pimples. So needless to say I was blessed with relatively clear skin. Which also meant I didn’t really wear much makeup, of course some eyeliner and mascara but not a lot of foundation or concealer. [Side note, these were also the days where I thought bronzer was supposed to go all over your face, dkm but like no one knew what contour was. And if you aren’t picturing it, I mean dipping my powder brush into the bronzer and putting it EVERYWHERE like it was translucent powder.] Anyway, my first two years of college I had clear skin still, again usually getting some hormonal breakouts. I tried some topical treatments for the few breakouts I got and they did nothing except dry out my skin and not help the pimples so that was a bust.

At the beginning of 2015 I started getting more and more into makeup (Thank you Michelle for introducing me to YouTube tutorials). And if I can remember correctly my skin was slowly starting to change so I wanted to get a full coverage foundation. I was getting a few more pimples than usual so of course I wanted to cover them up. For the next few months until around July my skin was okay, only a few pimples consistently. In August 2015 my skin took a turn for the worst. I started getting a lot of consistent pimples around my chin, they would come, go and come back. From there, I got a cluster of consistent pimples on my left cheek, then my right cheek, then my forehead. This happened over a period of time into the new year (2016). In addition to acne on my face I  also got backne 🙂 During that time, I was moving abroad to study in Scotland for a few months so I think stress and environment change was a factor in my skin changing. But who really knows, acne has a mind of it’s own and really does whatever it wants. My skin just became worse and worse until I had consistent clusters of pimples all over my face. They were raw, they hurt and they were hard to ignore. I remember feeling disgusting like people shouldn’t have to look at my skin, I thought it was disgusting. I came to a point where I hated my skin and that hate translated into hating myself. I felt gross! Makeup can sometimes cover the redness but it doesn’t cover the bumps. I didn’t understand why at the age 20/21 I was starting to get acne, this is supposed to happen during puberty I told myself!!!

When you’re an adult and you have acne, you feel like a hot pile of shite (excuse my language mom). You look at everyone else your age and they have clear skin and then you look like a 14 year old going through puberty! Fun times! It doesn’t feel great. I remember at one point every time I took a shower I didn’t want to clean my face or even touch it because my cheeks hurt to the touch, the pimples were now causing me pain! Rude! It hurt to put moisturizer on, it hurt to pat my face dry. It sucked. I think this was the turning point where I needed to start doing something serious and visit the doctor. I did some research on my options in terms of medication and topical treatments. I had tried a few prescription topical spot treatments over the past couple years but nothing really worked. Horror story alert: I tried proactive once and it bleached all my face towels so thats a no from me, if it bleaches my towels I don’t even want to know what it does to my skin.

Finally, I felt my only safe option I could try was birth control. I really had nothing to lose at this point and I was fed up, I just wanted clear skin again. I was tired of being the only person out of my friends to have a face full of red, inflamed zits. I marked my calendar when I would start, I took my before photos and I was off. Waiting for something to change had me anxious!! You bet I was watching all the YouTube videos about acne, about birth control, I was reading the blog posts about it. I wanted to know when I would start seeing a change. My one sister always loves to tell me “Lilly, it takes more than a day for something to start working!”. Honestly, it took about two months to see a noticeable difference. I started birth control at the beginning of June and by the end of July almost all my major pimples had de-surfaced (if that makes sense). The pimples were no longer above the skin, I had nothing to pop basically.  So there I was left with A TON of scars. This is the part that hurt me the most, I had always feared this would happen and I’ve seen acne scarring before and it terrifies me. That stuff hardly ever goes away no matter how many deep tissue facials you have or how expensive that serum is, they don’t go away. Writing this is making me tear up because I know how bad I felt about myself then and it hurts to know my fear was staring me back in the mirror.

I was booked to see a dermatologist in October of 2016 to see what could be the reason for this acne starting so late. I wanted answers!! Unfortunately, my experience with the dermatologist was very anti-climactic. I was given no answers to why, I was rushed out the the appointment and was still very confused. I left with a prescription for pills to take because my pimples/skin were itchy. Let me tell you, these pills sucked because there were so many rules on when to take them and how. I tried for a month I think and gave up because it seemed pointless to me.

From that point, I knew the birth control was actually controlling my acne and I was no longer getting pimples. My focus now turned full force into skincare and what I could do to improve the scarring I was left with. Every single spot I ever had a pimple was now marked with a red scar, a memory of what was there before. Other areas had even deeper scarring, my cheeks were hit the hardest with scarring as I have actual indentation from the acne. I tried several cleansers, moisturizers and serums, I can’t say that one really helped improve my skin. I think it was just really time and a consistent routine to clean my face that really helped the scars. Over time, and I mean timmmmmme the scars started to fade. There was nothing really that could speed up the progress but I was at least glad I was no longer getting pimples. Except for the odd one during my period.

Things were going well with my skin, from around July 2016 until May/June 2017. Around June 2017, I started to notice I was getting a couple pimples consistently around my chin. I thought maybe a job change, stress, etc could be a factor so I thought nothing of it. I was also getting a pimple in the exact same spot on each cheek every few weeks, and this was a big one, like one of those pimples that are so deep in the skin, so red and then they never come to a point to pop them. I started thinking the worst, that this was starting all over again, but how, I was on birth control!!!! In October I met with my doctor again to see if the birth control was no longer really helping my skin, I wanted to see if there were any other options out there. I switched types of birth control to see if that would make a difference. The first type of birth control was Tri-Cyclen Lo 21 Days and the current one is Alysena 21. And that brings us up to speed on my acne story. I sit here today with a few annoying pimples on my chin and quite a few on my jawline. My acne scars have diminished quite a bit on my cheeks and are almost gone on my forehead. I still struggle daily with how my skin looks because it seems like it will be something that never truly gets better.

You know, life goes on and you get acne. But that doesn’t mean life has to suck or you have to feel gross everyday. I have become happy and comfortable with my skin and how I look. Yeah, for sure, I have days where I hate my skin and layer on the foundation and powder but most days I feel great. I look forward to the days where I don’t have to wear makeup and I can let my skin breeeeeathe. To all my fellow acne peeps, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are not your skin. Please do not think you’re gross or that people won’t want to look at you because that’s not true. It may take some time to be comfortable with how your skin is but during the time it takes remember that it’s just that, skin.

[ Side notes: My diet has never really changed tremendously throughout my times with acne so I can’t single out a cause there but I mean I do love sweets and salty things and pizza so you know, I could cut that out a little bit and probably see a difference in my skin. Another factor perhaps influencing my acne is my skin type and genetics. My skin has really never been too oily or too dry so I have ‘self-diagnosed’ myself with combination/sensitive/acne-prone skin. In the genetics part, who knows, I’m not a scientist but you can’t change how you were made up. In terms of skincare, I have always found it difficult to find something that works 100% for scarring and acne. For makeup, I never know if something is breaking me out so I always try new foundations to see what looks best and feels the best on my skin.]

This part of the post is to the people reading who have friends and family (**who do not have acne themselves) with acne and listen up because this is serious!!! Well not so serious but I have a few pointers for you to watch what you say around those with acne because it may not seem like a big deal or you might not even think about it but sometimes it can hurt or be annoying. Sometimes, your friend may not talk about their acne so you don’t think anything of it but trust me they talk about it with themselves.  Disclaimer: I am more then aware we all have our own flaws and insecurities and we are all allowed to feel bad about them and vocalize them. However, if I have the chicken pox, you wouldn’t complain to me that you have one mosquito bite because that’s just being insensitive and annoying (you get what I’m trying to say here?).

Now, acne is just some pimples on the skin but it can make those with it feel ugly and disgusting. We think that people who look at us think we’re dirty or gross. Soooo this is my favourite tip of all, please please please do not say “Ugh I got this pimple on my chin, it’s so annoying”… because you know what, I have around 5 on my chin, all the time and then the scars don’t go away for months. Tbh I understand that the one pimple can be annoying (trust me, I’ve been there lol) and ugly when you never get them but telling that to someone with acne makes them feel gross for having several. Another tip, please do not try and recommend me to just cleanse and moisturize every morning and night. Um yes, I have tried that and I do that and it does not really make a difference. Acne is is not just on top of the skin and cannot be wiped away. My sarcasm here is meant in the nicest way possible, I promise!!!! Just being honest with you.

Okay, now is the exciting part and the part I know you have all been waiting for. Drumroll please. PICTURES!!!!! But first, I want to give a shoutout to my Mom and Dad for always being there when I was having bad days about my skin and making me feel loved when I didn’t love myself. They were there for me when I wanted to make a change and always told but just what I’m telling all of you, it’s just skin. Also, thank you to my friends who always noticed when me skin was getting better. And duh, thanks to my sisters for always letting me rant about my skin and guiding me through the changes I took to get better skin. Love y’all!!!

My acne, pretty much at it’s worst… June 1st, 2016 (pre birth control)


My acne after birth control… July 26th, 2016


My acne today…. February 4th, 2017


Remember this, if you look in the mirror and think ‘wow my face is gross’ (because of acne, redness, spots, scarring, etc) remember that it’s just your skin, not your face. Your face is beautiful all the damn time, just sometimes your skin can be gross. Your skin isn’t who you are.


Okay, so the semi-annual Sephora VIB sale has come and gone but the time has come to haul and review all the goodies. The Internet is overflowing with videos and posts about the sale so it’s only right I share my grabs. Share below what you just HAD to get!!

OUAI Matte Pomade … So I got bangs and needed a pomade to style them so they aren’t just a chunk of hair covering my forehead. This pomade is nice because its very thick and creates a wispy look while still staying matte.

Philosophy Purity … I will always purchase this during the sale because it’s a restock, BEST MAKEUP REMOVER EVER. Very gentle on the skin and eyes, you need to try this.

Bare Minerals Liquid Lip … I really never wear lipstick but I felt like this was necessary to buy because it’s a nice pinky/nude colour. It takes a while to dry down but I don’t mind, it looks good creamy. Colour is ‘Slay’.

First Aid Beauty Mask … Peel-off masks are very therapeutic and I needed a new one. My skin feels smooth and clean after and you don’t need to put on a thick layer so the bottle lasts longer, holla for the dolla.

Clinique Fresh Pressed … I heard some good reviews on this product for acne scarred skin so I figured I should buy it during the sale. Sooo, this little bottle is only supposed to last for 7 days and you mix it with your moisturizer am and pm. I haven’t noticed a difference really but we shall see, results take time!

Beauty Blender Cleaner … I am a bad reviewer because I actually haven’t tried this product yet but I am just going to assume that it works well because my current method of cleaning my beauty blender is not working well (current method consists of squeezing the baby soap filled sponge until it looks clean).

NARS Primer … I’m waiting to run out of my current primer to start using this, but just by swatching it feels like it will even out skin texture and fill in pores while creating a good base for makeup, stay tuned.

Fresh Lip Balm … This was completely and utterly an impulse buy because I was watching MannyMUA’s snapchat and he said that this was an amazing lip balm and that it smells good so there it is, I’m sold. It legit smells so good, like caramel popcorn mixed with a caramel swirl candle. Has a bit of a shine on the lips but so far so good in the moisturizing dpt. In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t taste like anything 😦


*pics from Pinterest

*products available at Sephora



Wow, how long has it been? WAY TOO LONG!! I’m happy to be back writing blog posts and posting more content on Instagram and Facebook. So some news, I have officially graduated with my bachelors degree in fashion management and this is why I have so much extra time on my hands, lol. I hope you enjoy this mini haul / review on my new products.

As an avid stalker on social media I have been so intrigued by Jen Atkin’s line of hair care, so after buying and loving the wave spray I wanted to try the Dry Shampoo Foam. My hair is pretty thick so I usually only use dry shampoo on the third day and it soaks up the excess oil on my roots and gives some volume to my flat, third day hair.


These two lil guys are my most recent purchases. Still awaiting to see if they have a long term impact on my skin but the Glow Tonic smells great and leaves my skin feeling very clean and refreshed. The Saje Zap spot treatment is good for my bigger pimples and the scent of essential oils is very calming.


This face mask…well it’s just great, enough said haha. The flash illuminator is also great, I use it under my makeup to create a ‘glow from within’. image3

THIS MOISTURIZER IS THE BOMB. My skin legit looks like it just drank five bottles of water, it looks so healthy and glowy I love it. image4

I’ve been using this cleanser with my Clarisonic as recommended by the woman at Sephora and it leaves my skin very clean, exfoliated and smooth. image5

NYX Haul

NYX cosmetics is finally in Canada! Well, that is old news but the not so old news is that I recently visited their location on Queen St in Toronto. Very small store, but HUGE selection of makeup. It was like I went to makeup heaven. Before the arrival of NYX stores in Canada, there was a small selection of cosmetics at Rexall and Shoppers, and I mean small selection. Needless to say, I’m happy NYX has arrived with their full range of products.

Let’s get into it; I bought their colour correcting powder (banana shade), HD concealer, soft matte lip cream and a duo fibre foundation brush.


So far the brush applies foundation really well and evenly, my only comment is that the bristles shed and it looks like I have little black eyelashes on my face. I have been using the powder over my under-eye concealer and I can’t say that I notice a huge difference in colour correcting but it leaves my skin looking smooth and shine-free. I haven’t had a chance to wear the lip cream yet but I have heard so many good things about the product (long lasting, great colour). I’ll post on my Instagram when I wear it so you can see the amazing colour and finish!

The latest beauty trend is colour correcting, so naturally, I had to give it a try. It feels slightly odd to put green concealer all over my face, after I first applied it I asked myself ‘will I look like Shrek after I’m done my makeup?’ I use a real technique buffing brush to blend it out and it does cover the redness I have on my cheeks, chin and forehead (where all my pimples are). It leaves a mint tint to your skin but that all goes away once you apply foundation.

Overall, I am happy with all my purchases and would recommend them to you! ALSO, if you’re in the area of Downtown Toronto or Mississauga (Square One Shopping Centre  you can visit the NYX store for yourself. Be prepared to swatch and spend some money. Comment below any of your NYX favs!



Haul means shopping and shopping means fun so let’s get started! I can’t resist going into Boots or Superdrug once in a while and picking up some new goodies. I mostly only buy stuff because I didn’t pack it with me or I ran out.Let me know if you have tried these products as well and what you think! All links to products will be listed at the bottom if you’re interested.



I saw LustreLux on YouTube raving about these brushes and they just looked so cool, I had to buy them. I’m a fan of Real Technique brushes and these did not let me down! I use the middle one to apply highlight, the small one for blending and the big on to apply bronzer (for a natural look). I also needed another blending sponge and this one is great for blending under-eye concealer.


I’ve been dying to buy something from Tanya Burr’s cosmetics line, I either wanted an eyeshadow palette or a lip gloss. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the line and felt that getting this nude gloss (called ‘Lunch Date’) would be a great first buy. The gloss is really pigmented so I can wear it on it’s own or overtop another nude lipstick. ALSO, the smell, omg, it smells so amazing, sort of fruity but like, a mature fruity smell. Next thing to buy is definitely some nail polish because every colour was amazing.

DSC01147 DSC01150

These two Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal liners from Rimmel are amazing. They glide on so smoothly and don’t budge throughout the day. I use the colour 005 nude on my lower, inner lash-line to brighten my eyes (helps with those days I got 5 hours of sleep) and the colour 001 black on my upper lash-line or to smudge on the outer edge of my eye.


Every Fall, I always wear a dark burgundy nail for a while because I feel that’s the only colour of the season that matches any outfit I wear (besides black). This is the colour ‘burgundy kiss’ from Maybelline, it doesn’t chip that fast but I also don’t have a top coat here so adding a top coat will make it last a lot longer, for sure.


I finally got a Kylie Jenner lip colour!! AKA, brown lipstick, I love this one from L’oreal (703, oud obsession), it has a hint of shine to it but just gives off a really pretty brown colour with a tint of red.


Usually, I fill in my brows with a mousse or powder, but I have always wanted to explore using a pencil. Must I say, it is so much easier and quicker to use then a brush and powder. As long as it’s sharpened, I get just the right amount of colour and fullness. I can still even create a point at the end of my brows with this pencil. I definitely recommend this one from Maybelline called Mastershape brow pencil, I use the colour soft brown.


I ran out of my foundation and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the two foundations Bourjois carries. I decided to try the Healthy Mix one in the colour Vanilla. It leaves quite a dewy finish, so I need to set with powder or I’ll be shining by 2 pm. Otherwise, it covers what I want but still looks natural, again with the scent, it smells great and refreshing.


Since the above foundation is dewy, I wanted to try a mattifying primer. I did some research on this one by L’oreal and most people said that it prolonged the wear while keeping shine down. I would have to agree, I starting getting shiny later in the day then when I normally would. It’s a silicone base so it smoothes into the skin quite easily. Similar to the Smashbox photo ready primer.

Brushes | Sponge | Lipgloss | Eyeliners | Nail Polish | Lipstick | Brow Pencil | Foundation | Primer

Everyday Makeup | College

Here in the UK, it is only the second week of school and I’ve noticed that I am a little lazier in the morning and am not spending as much time on makeup. Less time = less products. I definitely would rather sleep longer then wake up earlier to get ready for class and I’m sure a ton of you are with me on that #beautysleep. I wanted to share the products that I use for the days when I have early morning class or when I’m just going out to get some groceries or to the mall.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.35.17 PM

Basically, there are 7 steps to this routine and they are listed below! Click the links if you want to check out the product.

  1. As I’m writing this, I forgot the first initial step, woopsies. The real first step is primer, I’m currently using Benefit Porefessional or Smashbox primer water. They both help my makeup last longer but the porefessional helps my foundation go on smooth, especially around and on my nose, where my pores are the largest. Alright, so technically this is the second step but I’m mashing it up with primer. I like to have pretty full, but natural looking coverage. Rimmel Lasting Finish is great, it covers what I want but doesn’t look cakey. I LOVE the Real Technique buffing brush for foundation, definitely recommend buying this one.
  2. If you have 9am class, concealer is a MUST, because lets be real, I go to bed at like 2am and I gotta cover those bags.  Sephora gel serum concealer has great coverage and also highlights the under-eye area. The only downside is that product only comes on the tip of the brush and it’s hard to apply to the face. I like to blend my concealer out with a dampened beauty sponge because I never have luck blending it out with a brush. I’m trying out the Real Technique sponge right now so I’m going to say it’s just like other beauty sponges.
  3. Now to make sure those liquids stay in place all day. I usually set everything with Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I like to have a matte finish at first so I don’t get oily throughout the day. A large fluffy brush will do the trick to apply this.
  4. Time to add some definition to my face, ain’t nobody got time to contour before a 9am class so just bronzing up your face will look natural and add some shape. I use Rimmel sun shimmer bronzer on my cheekbones, hairline and jaw. If you want a more defined look, just focus more product on your upper cheekbone, closer to your ear. Using a more tapered fluffy brush works well to bronze up the face.
  5. Yes, highlight on fleek is still very present in my life. I just love that glow. I pick up my Zoeva luxe highlight brush and apply some Too Faced candlelight glow powder to the highpoints of my cheek, above my brows and on the bridge of my nose.
  6. Another way to shape your face is to fill in those brows. I do a couple swipes of Clinique Brow Mousse to get a natural look. In the morning, it takes too long to fill my brows in with powder, a mousse or gel is a great on-the-go option.
  7. Lastly, I apply a few coats of mascara. I ALWAYS curl my lashes before applying mascara or you won’t even be able to tell I have mascara on. I feel that mascara is very personal preference because everyone looks for something different. I do love the colour of Clinique Chubby Mascara in black honey.

Voila! That is the finished makeup look. It usually only takes around 15 minutes in the morning and then I’m good to go. Then, of course, I take like ten years deciding what to wear. I hope you liked this and share below what products you like on an everyday basis.