Outfits 17+18 | 15 pieces.. 20 ways

It’s all about the leather and black in outfits 17+18…what else is new? Layers are making another comeback in these outfits because lets get real, if you can wear multiple items at once and still look sweet, then why not, amiright?

THE 15 PIECES ARE: jacket, cardigan, tank, lace-up shirt, flannel, turtleneck, tee, skirt, joggers, leather leggings, black jeans, baggy/ripped jeans, adidas, boots, purse. The necklace, sunnies and scarf are accessories you can add to any outfit.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 1.42.40 PM

 *disclaimer* not all images above are exact to what I have in my wardrobe, but they are the same style, this collage is for reference only, all images from polyvore *disclaimer*

 Outfit 17 had a lot of layers, again, a necessity for the fall weather. I used my scarf kind of as my jacket, wrapped around my shoulders. I added the flannel around the waste for a sporty look.

Outfit 18 kind of had the same vibe, but I actually wore my flannel and added a leather jacket. I think it looks cool how the shirt is really long, the flannel is a bit shorter and then the jacket is a lot shorter. Wearing two items with leather is okay here because it’s broken up by the shirts.


Jacket: H&M similar | Flannel: Express |Tee: Brandy Melville similar | Leggings: New Look

Sneakers: Adidas | Bag: Winners similar | Scarf: H&M similar


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