Haul means shopping and shopping means fun so let’s get started! I can’t resist going into Boots or Superdrug once in a while and picking up some new goodies. I mostly only buy stuff because I didn’t pack it with me or I ran out.Let me know if you have tried these products as well and what you think! All links to products will be listed at the bottom if you’re interested.



I saw LustreLux on YouTube raving about these brushes and they just looked so cool, I had to buy them. I’m a fan of Real Technique brushes and these did not let me down! I use the middle one to apply highlight, the small one for blending and the big on to apply bronzer (for a natural look). I also needed another blending sponge and this one is great for blending under-eye concealer.


I’ve been dying to buy something from Tanya Burr’s cosmetics line, I either wanted an eyeshadow palette or a lip gloss. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the line and felt that getting this nude gloss (called ‘Lunch Date’) would be a great first buy. The gloss is really pigmented so I can wear it on it’s own or overtop another nude lipstick. ALSO, the smell, omg, it smells so amazing, sort of fruity but like, a mature fruity smell. Next thing to buy is definitely some nail polish because every colour was amazing.

DSC01147 DSC01150

These two Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal liners from Rimmel are amazing. They glide on so smoothly and don’t budge throughout the day. I use the colour 005 nude on my lower, inner lash-line to brighten my eyes (helps with those days I got 5 hours of sleep) and the colour 001 black on my upper lash-line or to smudge on the outer edge of my eye.


Every Fall, I always wear a dark burgundy nail for a while because I feel that’s the only colour of the season that matches any outfit I wear (besides black). This is the colour ‘burgundy kiss’ from Maybelline, it doesn’t chip that fast but I also don’t have a top coat here so adding a top coat will make it last a lot longer, for sure.


I finally got a Kylie Jenner lip colour!! AKA, brown lipstick, I love this one from L’oreal (703, oud obsession), it has a hint of shine to it but just gives off a really pretty brown colour with a tint of red.


Usually, I fill in my brows with a mousse or powder, but I have always wanted to explore using a pencil. Must I say, it is so much easier and quicker to use then a brush and powder. As long as it’s sharpened, I get just the right amount of colour and fullness. I can still even create a point at the end of my brows with this pencil. I definitely recommend this one from Maybelline called Mastershape brow pencil, I use the colour soft brown.


I ran out of my foundation and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the two foundations Bourjois carries. I decided to try the Healthy Mix one in the colour Vanilla. It leaves quite a dewy finish, so I need to set with powder or I’ll be shining by 2 pm. Otherwise, it covers what I want but still looks natural, again with the scent, it smells great and refreshing.


Since the above foundation is dewy, I wanted to try a mattifying primer. I did some research on this one by L’oreal and most people said that it prolonged the wear while keeping shine down. I would have to agree, I starting getting shiny later in the day then when I normally would. It’s a silicone base so it smoothes into the skin quite easily. Similar to the Smashbox photo ready primer.

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