Next stop: italy!

I’M IN ITALY!!! I am so excited to have the chance to explore Italy again, this time exploring more then Rome. I have a week off from school and two girls I came to Scotland with asked if I was down for Italy and of course I said yes. Honestly, if you live in Europe, you are super lucky to have relatively cheap flights to and from the UK/Europe. I’m taking full advantage while I’m here.

With all that excitement, I’m not bring my laptop, because it was getting seriously squished while I was packing and I didn’t want to risk anything happening to it. I have a couple posts scheduled to go up during this next week and I’ll probably try to post some photos through my phone app.

I really don’t understand how people can pack for “3 weeks in a carryon”, because I’m struggling to pack for one week in a carryon. I also feel like I’m bringing nothing, anyone else feel my pain?? I’m going to be an outfit repeater so don’t mind me, lol. PLEASE make sure to follow me on Instagram @hungry4style_ to keep up with me on my trip (hooray for hotel WIFI). Here are some pics from my last visit to Rome. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be wearing shorts this time 😦 11215141_10205397195868886_3426427136755182260_n 12004888_10205397174388349_6017547561285007388_n 12006148_10205397175548378_4666063357386497032_n 12033195_10205397190148743_9206048117168383884_n

3 thoughts on “Next stop: italy!

  1. I’m super bad at packing ‘lightly’ aswell (uh…how are you supposed to look good and take all of the other important stuff? Apparently possible…definitely difficult!). I’m going on exchange to Europe next year and I’m so excited to explore everywhere. Favourite place you’ve been so far? I’m off to Leeds!

    1. I know right!! So excited for you!! I’ve been loving studying abroad. In Europe my favourite place has probably been Italy or Germany but I love all places. Excited for you, you’ll have an amazing time.

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