Sporty Layers

Coming right at you with another outfit post in Scotland. It’s getting a little colder here, so the layers are coming out; beanie, multiple shirts and a heavier jacket. I wanted to make this look sporty/casual and my bomber jacket was the inspiration. Not going to lie, I bought this jacket in Germany right before coming to Scotland because of the plaid lining (I wanted to feel a little bit Scottish before arriving). Instead of wearing workout leggings, I opted for a more stylish option to add some texture to the outfit, this being (faux) leather leggings. DSC00773 DSC00769 DSC00786 DSC00785 DSC00793 DSC00790 If you remember me talking about my favourite oversized tee from Brandy Melville then let me tell you, it’s also the best tee to layer under sweaters or other shirts.  DSC00782 DSC00780 If you hear people say that your shoes tie your outfit together, they are right. This outfit would not have been the same without some Adidas Originals

DSC00778 Beanie: American Apparel | Jacket: Urban Outfitters | Mock neck Top: New Look | Tee: Brandy Melville | Leggings: New Look | Shoes: Adidas

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