The Sad Truth

I thought it would be funny to do a comical post about the sad truth of being a fashion blogger in the dead of Winter. If you live in a city or town where you actually endure the four seasons, then you can relate. Being January 31st, in Canada, it is near the middle of Winter and it is so cold outside that you need to wear like five layers and have no skin showing. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny outside because the wind will make it 10x more cold. If it sounds like I’m complaining, I am.

If you’re a fashion blogger in a city or town that endures the four seasons then you definitely can relate. Trying to shoot pictures of your outfit is hard; you can try to bare the cold and take off your winter coat outside or go inside where the backgrounds, most likely, aren’t as cool. So here comes the sad truth, if I was going to do outfit posts they would look like this (for the most part) everyday… lol. #livingintorontofashionbloggerproblems



Getting a coffee is a must, everyday, or multiple times a day. Cinnamon dolce lattes are my fav.




Hat: H&M | Parka: Dynamite | Leggings: Express | Boots: Aldo | Backpack: Call it Spring | Gloves: Garage

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