Knits and Leggings

So, I have decided that I want to start taking pictures of my everyday outfits. No longer do I want to just style a really cool outfit just for a blog post. I want to be able to show you guys what I am wearing everyday; whether it be to school, work, downtown or out at night. Of course, I don’t have a professional photographer (yet) who follows me around just to snap the best pics of my outfit so the pictures will not be the best quality.

Here is a few pics of my outfit from yesterday for class, it was super cold and very snowy outside so I did have to resort to wearing the Uggs. I am wearing them with confidence and that is what it’s all about! If you know me, I love tucking in my shirts. I always finds it adds a little edge to your look and it is my signature style. I tucked in my sweater on the side to show the zipper detailing on my leggings. Hope you enjoy!

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Boots: Uggs

Sweater: Express

(faux) Leather leggings: Express

Hat: H&M

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