Weekend Festivities

SO, I have just started settling into my house in Toronto and getting into my routine. I still have soooo much yet to do and explore. Like go to the Fashion District on Queen St W and check out all the vintage and used clothing stores. I have been looking online and they all look so amazing So that is on the top of my list of things to do this Summer. I have been working a lot lately and this weekend was a great time to get out and do things.

To start the weekend off right, my house mate and had a Mexican/Puerto Rican inspired theme night and made tacos and Pina Coladas. It was a great way to begin my weekend of festivities. And since the summer weather is making its debut, it was a perfect combination. I was working Saturday but of course I had time to take an OOTD photo, I mean your day isn’t complete if you didn’t take an OOTD pic, amiright? Living in Toronto means taking transit…everywhere, and it just so happens that a Starbucks is right beside the bus stop… so clearly I have to get a coffee. It is basically a sin to walk by a Starbucks and not get a grande iced coffee with soy milk.

Last but not least, Sunday was an amazing day because I was lucky enough to get into the MMVA’s. Which if you don’t know, is the Much Music Video Awards; they had a ton of celebs including Colton Haynes, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and of course the most inspirational and biggest young fashion icons KYLIE AND KENDALL JENNER. YES I SAW THEM LIVE IN THE FLESH LIKE 30ft IN FRONT OF ME. Oh man, I literally could not stop staring at them because they are so gorg. Probably one of the best nights so far living in Toronto.


IMG_8341    IMG_8342

 IMG_8345              IMG_8380

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