Not your boyfriend’s jeans


IMG_8233               IMG_8229

IMG_8235               IMG_8238

Technically, they really aren’t your boyfriend’s jeans and to be honest they probably don’t look like them either. They sure do look a lot better on us ladies than our boyfriends. I think we just call them that because of the baggy nature and they are not so flattering for our toosh! So just a warning, your behind may be non-existent when you wear them.  It was actually really hard to find the perfect pair (I’m very picky when trying to find a certain style). I literally went to every store I could find, looked online for days and didn’t really find that much. I tried on countless pairs but nothing seemed to fit just right. It had to be the right amount of baggy and right amount of rips. Until I was just browsing through Forever 21 and found a couple pairs and decided to give them another try, AND HALLELUJAH THEY WERE PERFECT!!

Take away that one flaw (baggy butt syndrome) and you have the most versatile pair of jeans that a women could possibly own. Dress them up, wear them down, there are endless possibilities with these jeans. Style with a pair of gladiators and a classic white vneck for a simple statement or dress them up with a bold, bright colour of stilettos and an awesome patterned blouse. Of course adding some necklaces, midi rings and layered beaded bracelets (perfect accessories for this summer) would pull the entire outfit together.

Sandals… Ardene

Heels… Urban Planet

Top… Express

Jeans… Forever 21

Sunglasses… Express

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