What’s in the Bag??!

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What is in your summer bag? Lip chap, money, sunglasses, receipts from that bar on the beach…. That is probably what is in everyone’s bag during the summer. Summer means bright colours, sun and Starbucks (well Starbucks is a year round necessity but I mean coffee fraps, right?). Summer is a time to go the beach..everyday; go on a road trip with your girls or even just exploring the little shops downtown. There are so many great things to do during the summer so you need to have a well packed bag, all the time. In lou of it officially being Summer, I went on over to Polyvore to help guide us ladies on what should be in our summer bag, at all times.

I am really loving bright colours this season because tbh, it makes me looked tan and it stands out. Hot pinks, bright blues, pumpkin oranges, lime green.. they are all great colours to add to your accessories this season. The bag I chose for summer is a ‘bucket bag’ because it is so stylish and versatile yet it can literally carry anything and everything. It can fit all you need for a day at the beach or just your wallet and keys for going downtown with your girls.

I am literally obsessed with skulls so when I found this little coin purse, it was so tough yet so chic and feminine. It can also double as a really small clutch just incase you don’t feel like carrying your bag around. A few months ago I went into Kate Spade for the first time and fell in love with this bright pink wallet (still haven’t bought it yet). So since it is the right colour for Summer I may have to go out and buy it.

In the beauty department there are a few essentials that should always be in your bag; mini vaseline lip care, Lush lip scrub (great for exfoliating lips, removing dry skin and leaving lips smooth with a great taste), bright matte lipstick (so it stays on all day), face powder (just because Summer is hot and your face will show that… I am talking about that damn shine!), your fav perfume (to make sure you smell good all day and all night, duh) and finally we need to protect our skin so make sure you have a small bottle of facial &/or body sunscreen. Don’t forget to protect those eyes and always have a pair of sunglasses (my fav this season is the thick black trimmed, cat eye style).

I think it is a good idea to keep a notebook and pen in your bag, you may want to remember things you did that day, add to your ‘things to do this summer’ list or just doodle while lying on the beach. I recently bought my own notebook because I want to start writing my own fashion book.

Last but certainly not least, you need some money!! Nothing is free.. waw waw wawww. So make sure you have some cash on you or a debit/credit card. They always come in handy for impulse buys. Another key card to have is your Starbucks card because lets be real here, getting an iced coffee is just as important as brushing your teeth.

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Weekend Festivities

SO, I have just started settling into my house in Toronto and getting into my routine. I still have soooo much yet to do and explore. Like go to the Fashion District on Queen St W and check out all the vintage and used clothing stores. I have been looking online and they all look so amazing So that is on the top of my list of things to do this Summer. I have been working a lot lately and this weekend was a great time to get out and do things.

To start the weekend off right, my house mate and had a Mexican/Puerto Rican inspired theme night and made tacos and Pina Coladas. It was a great way to begin my weekend of festivities. And since the summer weather is making its debut, it was a perfect combination. I was working Saturday but of course I had time to take an OOTD photo, I mean your day isn’t complete if you didn’t take an OOTD pic, amiright? Living in Toronto means taking transit…everywhere, and it just so happens that a Starbucks is right beside the bus stop… so clearly I have to get a coffee. It is basically a sin to walk by a Starbucks and not get a grande iced coffee with soy milk.

Last but not least, Sunday was an amazing day because I was lucky enough to get into the MMVA’s. Which if you don’t know, is the Much Music Video Awards; they had a ton of celebs including Colton Haynes, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and of course the most inspirational and biggest young fashion icons KYLIE AND KENDALL JENNER. YES I SAW THEM LIVE IN THE FLESH LIKE 30ft IN FRONT OF ME. Oh man, I literally could not stop staring at them because they are so gorg. Probably one of the best nights so far living in Toronto.


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Summer Fascination and Some Inspiration



So basically all I did was search #summer on some of the most popular social media sites (tumblr, instagram, weheartit…) and picked the most inspirational pics that make me want to lay under the hot summer sun and daydream until my heart’s content. I hope these pics will want you to do the same and remember never stop dreaming because everything you can imagine is real.

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Not your boyfriend’s jeans


IMG_8233               IMG_8229

IMG_8235               IMG_8238

Technically, they really aren’t your boyfriend’s jeans and to be honest they probably don’t look like them either. They sure do look a lot better on us ladies than our boyfriends. I think we just call them that because of the baggy nature and they are not so flattering for our toosh! So just a warning, your behind may be non-existent when you wear them.  It was actually really hard to find the perfect pair (I’m very picky when trying to find a certain style). I literally went to every store I could find, looked online for days and didn’t really find that much. I tried on countless pairs but nothing seemed to fit just right. It had to be the right amount of baggy and right amount of rips. Until I was just browsing through Forever 21 and found a couple pairs and decided to give them another try, AND HALLELUJAH THEY WERE PERFECT!!

Take away that one flaw (baggy butt syndrome) and you have the most versatile pair of jeans that a women could possibly own. Dress them up, wear them down, there are endless possibilities with these jeans. Style with a pair of gladiators and a classic white vneck for a simple statement or dress them up with a bold, bright colour of stilettos and an awesome patterned blouse. Of course adding some necklaces, midi rings and layered beaded bracelets (perfect accessories for this summer) would pull the entire outfit together.

Sandals… Ardene

Heels… Urban Planet

Top… Express

Jeans… Forever 21

Sunglasses… Express

Shopping…The Ultimate High

Seriously though, going shopping may be the best feeling in the entire world, then of course wearing the clothes is the second best feeling. Most girls will know exactly what I am talking about… just got paid, Summer on the horizon, going on Tumblr and Pinterest day in day out searching for that perfect outfit. Ahhhh, shopping is the cure to everything. It makes you feel so good inside, so warm and fuzzy, basically like you run the world. That is until you realize how much you spent, but hey it was TOTALLY worth it, right?

“Ok. don’t panic. Don’t panic. It’s only a VISA bill. It’s a piece of paper; a few numbers. I mean, just how scary can a few numbers be?”

― Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic


So, what better thing to do then tell all my fashion friends what I have bought recently! I mean what good is shopping if you can’t share your lovely finds to the rest of the world. Since Summer is basically on its way (30 degrees today), I have been buying some stuff for the warm weather. You’re probably thinking bright, patterned, flowy, summery clothes…but no, I love black and thats basically my wardrobe.


In order; bought knock of Keds from Ardene for $12.50… I love the bandana print, it’s really old school. Bought lace-trimmed jogger shorts from Express for $49.90, they are literally so comfortable and can add a feminine touch to any outfit, they can also be high-waisted which is great for tucking in shirts. Another pair of distressed, black denim shorts from Express for $59.90, they are high waisted with a 2 inch inseam which means they are pretty short but hey.. who wears short shorts! Broke my last pair of sunglasses so I just had to get these thick-rimmed cat eye sunglasses from Express for $29.90, with a dark leopard print design they will last all summer and add instant class (and sass) so all my Summer outfits.  Lastly, got some fake leather, loose shorts from Dynamite for about $6, since I am basically obsessed with leather leggings, I HAD to get these when I saw them. They can be dressed up or down for an awesome Summer style. I also bought a couple tops that I will show you guys when I style them in an outfit!