‘Til seams do us part


In spirit of Kimye’s wedding, this post will be all about the the two fashion icons that have the world under their spell. Ever since Kimye got together their fashion and style influence had hit the world by storm. Everyone was talking about what they’re wearing, who they’re wearings and who styled them.

Both their style’s are so simple yet so classy and sexy. They get away with wearing all neutral colours, like all the time. Whites, blacks, beige, pinks… you would think someone would need colour to stand out but no, Kimye can rock it. To stand out, they mix textures, patterns and materials to make their outfits POP!

Anyone can get style inspiration from these two, you don’t have to have 50 different things going on at once to make a statement, learn to be a minimalist and have one statement piece, or two. Wear those bright pink heels you have been waiting to wear, rock that chunky necklace that has been hanging off your jewellery stand for 2 weeks. There are so many ways you can make a statement without having to wear every single trend at once, or wear 5 different colours in your outfit.

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