TBT to the 80’s

Just dropping in for a little mid-week inspiration and throwback…

We all know trends come and go and lets be real, we wish a lot of them would just go, but some come back and are more popular then ever. So in honour of TBT (throwback Thursday) this post is all about the trends that came back for round 2 and seem like they are here to stay this season.

Here is my list of the top trends of the Spring/Summer season that came back from the 80’s:

  • high waisted shorts
  • crop tops
  • sneakers
  • ripped jeans (boyfriend jeans especially)
  • soft jogger pants
  • last but not least… jams shorts

Now I know you’re all probably wondering what ‘jams shorts’ are so here it is; they are mens shorts that are bright patterned and short on the thigh… for women’s wear they are very similar to the ‘jogger short’ that comes in a lot of patterns and bright colours.

High waisted shorts are basically all us females wear this summer, but they aren’t just coming in denim anymore, they are doing a collab with the printed and coloured jogger shorts. A match made in heaven if you ask me. I don’t think I need to explain crop tops because they are basically what makes the world go ’round these days. Crop tops go with shorts, jeans, leggings, skirts.. the list goes on… just make sure to keep it classy ladies!

Hammer pants vs Jogger pants…. it may seem like a war but the two sides are becoming one, hammer pants are becoming jogger pants and jogger pants are becoming hammer pants. Confusing? Slightly, but this style is perfect to wear since they are light and super stylish with any outfit.

Hoping this TBT can inspire you to wear some trends from ‘back in the day’ into your everyday style!



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