Looks like summer is here

Thats right, as the long weekend is coming to an end, the summer weather is coming to a beginning! Finally some warm weather to show off those summer outfits you have been waiting to wear for nearly 8 months. I feel like the warm weather allows us fashion lovers to show off everything and anything we got (to wear that is). Personally I love the warm weather because I don’t have to hide my outfits under big wool coats (cute ones, of course) or wear boots that won’t get ruined by the harsh salts and snow. I AM FREE!! Well, that’s basically what it feels like.


I am currently sitting in my backyard day dreaming about the outfits I will soon be able to wear… jumpsuits, short shorts, sandals, dresses… ahhh the freedom. I will be posting some pictures that are my inspiration for the warm weather so make sure you give them a like and comment 🙂


Still getting a hang of this ‘blogging’ idea so comment what you think and give suggestions please!



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